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Skechers Light Up Trainers Infant Girls Lavender/Aqua


Dostupnosť: 5-9 pracovných dní
Číslo produktu: 024001-24
Výrobca: Skechers
Určenie: Detské
Farba: Lavender/Aqua
Veľkost (UK):
bežná cena 95,09 EUR
naša cena bez DPH : 52,83 EUR
naša cena s DPH (21 %):
63,92 EUR

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Kód produktu: 024001

Originální EN text:

Sketchers Glimmer Glitter N Go Trainers Infant GirlsThese magnificently glittering trainers will light your youngster up in true Sketchers fashion. They are crafted from rock glitter, sparkly textured material and a comfortable synthetic upper. All crafted in a laced, strapped up casual trainer with stitching and magical embellishments. The lace and buckle fastening gives extra support and keeps their feet protected and in place on the playground, parks and garden. - Sparkling textured rock-glitter upper- Patent-finish synthetic overlays - Laced slip on - Light accents on front and sides- Printed star accessories- Bungee stretch front - Loop closure- Lights On/Off button

Product code: 024001